Orca Spyhop Art Poster

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What is spyhopping? A spyhop is when a whale or dolphin lunge vertically, and put their heads out of the water in order to look around above water. Quite a spectacular thing to see while whale watching- they may be spyhopping to look at you! This illustrated orca spyhop has been made into high-quality Orca Spyhop Art Poster prints.

Product Details:

  • Printed with Dye/Pigment Reactive Ink
  • High Quality archival matte paper
  • Shipped in heavy duty poster tube
  • Heavy weight (230 gsm), thick base (9.5 mil), and an instant-dry coating that resists fingerprints and smudging.

Giving Back:

Part of the proceeds on this art print will benefit Orca Network.

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