"Kohola Kai Creative" is a collective name to unify art, jewelry making, photography and other creative outlets inspired by the ocean. Illustrations in ink are a main focus. Check out some of my work in the gallery (Coming Soon). 
Part of the funds raised in the shop are donated to conservation efforts.

The goal of Kohola Kai Creative is to inspire, educate and help compile donations for conservation efforts through art, handmade creations and stories.

Currently, proceeds on shark and ray items are donated to Nakawe Project, proceeds on Orca items to Orca Network and dolphin items to Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project. A few new items also include donations for Keiko Conservation! 

Check out the blog for stories behind artwork, adventures at sea and conservation topics too!

All creations are made with the environment in mind, using as many natural materials and as little plastic as possible.